About Us

Sicirec Bolivia Ltda is a social enterprise established in 2006, specialized in project design, implementation and management. It also offers consultancy services related to forestry and climate change, carbon stock estimation, carbon sequestration by forest, forest management, climate smart agriculture and REDD. The team of over 40 professionals includes Climate Change specialists, qualified foresters, professional agronomists, experts in monitoring and quality control, economists, and a sociologist.

It has also access to a pool of consultants in the fields of remote sensing, monitoring of land use change and vegetation cover changes over time, mapping and other GIS-applications,.

Sicirec Bolivia Ltda. offers forestry related services including:
• Reforestation
• Nature conservation
• Sustainable Forest Management
• Climate Smart Agriculture
• Monitoring and Evaluation of: Tree growth and development, Environmental and Biodiversity impact, Social-economic impact
• Forestry and ecological consultancy
• Innovative financing
• Payments for Environmental Services (PES)
• Valuation of plantations for micro-financing purposes
• Harvesting, processing and marketing of wood products from farmer woodlots


Business size

26-100 employees